About the Clinic

Beneficiaries of the dental program

1. Impoverished, the agglomeration of Port-au-Prince and neighboring areas to the West of the capital. The dental clinic provides 37,500 interventions on-site per year.

2. Schoolchildren (from the West department) aged 6 to 20, to whom the programs offer 2,000 prevention interventions per year (off-site services).

3. Patients with serious pathologies who come from all over the country (around 1,500 cases per year).

4. Parents of children to whom we provide preventive care. They become ardent advocates for our program.

Six Legacy Goals of the Clinic

  1. Provide dental care for the underprivileged
  2. Educate the population to improve oral and dental practices of Haitians across generations.
  3. Identify a physical location in Canapé Vert, a neighborhood within Port-au-Prince.
  4. Acquire portable dental units for community outreach aimed at school children and orphanages in the urban area of ​​Port-au-Prince as well as in rural areas.
  5. Offer residency to the young graduates of the Haitian dental school with an emphasis on caring and empathy to deliver care to those in need.
  6. Continue training of the dental staff through collaboration with dental faculties in Toulouse, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Meharry School of Dentistry in Nashville, TN, and private dentists.

Necessities for Growth

Energy autonomy and a dental water supply suitable for the dental units and able to prevent the transmission of waterborne infections

It is imperative that FMC becomes self-reliant. The Relais France-Europe is working closely with “Électriciens Sans Frontières” on securing renewable energy (photovoltaic).

A clean water supply system donated by Relais is now in operation on the premises of the clinic. Once FMC can acquire the land where the clinic is now situated, the water supply will be reinstalled and expanded.

Waiting area pre covid-19

A Carrier of the Future

FMC represents a pillar in the field of modern dentistry in Haiti. The 2010 earthquake severely damaged the original brick building of FMC. From 2010 to the present, the concentration of our service units on rented lots of land, forced us to operate in temporary structures (Furnished Containers – Mobile Cabinet – Reduced Surface Area). FMC would like to acquire the land on which its activities and investments are located. This is a strategic priority that will sustain FMC’s activities, ensure its role as a provider of quality and equitable oral health care to all in Haiti. A permanent home will consolidate FMC’s future and imprint its identity.

The acquisition of a permanent home is a core requirement for the advancement of the following projects:

  • “Electricians Sans Frontières” to install a rooftop photovoltaic system only for not-for-profit organizations that are property owners.
  • To finalize the installation of the water storage and purification system FMC must drill a water well.
  • Transforming our current clinic space into a dental center would allow FMC to have a conference room, a library, an archive room, a garage, a storage room for supplies and equipment. An independent unit for surgery and pediatric dentistry would allow us to expand and tailor our services. Currently, FMC is the sole institution in Haiti with a comprehensive dental service program for children and adult patients. In addition, the institution welcomes new dental school graduates for their clinical rotation.

Board Members

Jessie Cadet-Legros, President
Michael J Beeler, Financial Officer
Micheline Cadet-Duval, Secretary
Samora Legros, Director
Alex Cadet, Website Developer & Advisor