Fondation Max Cadet

Dr. Max Cadet, Dental Surgeon, was always moved by the state of dental care in his country, Haiti, therefore, he dedicated his life in trying to improve it. After his untimely death in June 1992, his family and friends decided to continue his legacy. In December 1992, they created the “Fondation Max Cadet” which was tasked to open and operate a dental clinic to serve the underprivileged of Haiti.

Volunteering at Fondation Max Cadet in Haiti

The first foreign dental mission to the clinic of the Fondation Max Cadet in Haiti was led by Dr. Bruce Albert, from Lebanon Pennsylvania. In July 1997, Dr. Bruce Albert accompanied by his wife, Sharen (assistant), his daughter, Alicia (dental hygienist) flew down to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During their one-week visit, they administered dental care to approximately 400 patients.

Read letter from Dr. Albert on his experience at the clinic (See Max Cadet Dental Fund Inc. Newsletter Volume 1, Issue).

Sharen Albert, Dr. Bruce Albert, Maryse Georges and Jessie Cadet-Legros

Sharen Albert, Dr. Bruce Albert, Maryse Georges and Jessie Cadet-Legros

NYU Dental School & Max Cadet Dental Fund – Outreach in Haitian Diaspora

On Sunday, November 23, 1997, the NYU COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY ORAL HEALTH RESEARCH GROU in partnership with the Max Cadet Dental Fund, Inc. held a dental fair for the Haitian community in Brooklyn, NY. The team was led by Dr. Moses Page-Snead, professor of oral surgery at the NYU Dental School. The following year, the Page-Snead would go on a dental mission to the dental clinic in Haiti. Read letter from Dr. Albert on his experience at the clinic.

Training the Next Generation

The American Dental Association partners with the Fondation Max Cadet in Haiti to train Dental Assistants & Hygienists
June 16 – 29, 2002

Dental assistants and hygienists are the backbone of a dental clinic. The assistants help make patients feel comfortable before, during and after treatment, assist with oral examinations, prepare tray set-ups for oral procedures, take x-rays and impressions. The hygienists conduct initial patient screenings, clean teeth, and advise patients on oral health and preventive care.

When the American Dental Association offered to send Ms. Deborah Dolezal, RDH to Haiti for two weeks to give an intensive training to dental assistants and hygienists in a country with 300 dentists for a population of over 10 million, this was a gift of a lifetime.

During her visit, Ms. Dolezal covered a wide range of topics: initial health and oral health, radiology, infection control, public health, dental assisting, oral radiology, and nutrition.

Dr. Richard Stern, DDS a long-time benefactor of the Max Cadet Dental Fund, Inc & Fondation Max Cadet in Haiti.

Dr. Richard Stern, DDS was a longtime benefactor of the Max Cadet Dental Fund, Inc & the Fondation Max Cadet in Haiti.

We first met Dr. Richard stern, DDS, graduate of the NYU Dental School at a brunch organized by Dr. Gustavo D. Cruz, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Health Promotion. The brunch was held to recognize the productive collaboration between the Minority Oral Health Research Center and the Max Cadet Dental Fund, Inc.

Upon learning about the work of the Max Cadet Dental Fund, Inc, USA, to support the Fondation Max Cadet in Haiti Dr. Stern determined that it was worthy of his support. At a meeting held at his home, he took leaflets that he distributed to friends and colleagues to raise funds. For years, he donated supplies, equipment, and money to the Foundation. After the passing of Dr. Richard Stern, his daughter, Caroline Stern, DDS continued in her father’s footsteps; she raised money, donated supplies and equipment to the Max Cadet dental Fund, Inc on behalf of the Fondation Max Cadet.

Second Dental Mission to Haiti: Bermuda Delegation

The second international mission to the dental clinic of the Fondation Max Cadet, Haiti led by Dr. Jewel Landy, DDS originated from Bermuda. Dr. Landy arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on August 8, 1998, accompanied by Tami (Dental Assistant, Kevin Brown (Technician) and Ms. Melita Landy. The team worked relentlessly to provide care to the many patients who crowded the clinic from early morning with the hope of being treated. Children and grandchildren of Dr. Max Cadet, DDS (Micheline Cadet Duval, Jessie Cadet-Legros, Maisha Cadet-Duval, Samora Legros and Ayanna Legros were in Haiti to welcome the Bermuda team.

Mission from France and USA Travel to Haiti

From October 23 to November 7, 1998, the “Foundation Max Cadet” (FMC) in Haiti engaged in a campaign to promote dental care and education. The Max Cadet Dental Fund, Inc (MCDF) and “France-Europe Relais” organized and participated in this campaign by sending 2 groups of dentists and board members to work at the dental clinic in Haiti. The US group included Dr. Moses Page-Snead, Professor of Oral Surgery at the NYU Dental School, Dr. Fabiola Milord, dentist, general practitioner, and Maryse Cadet-Georges, MPH, Treasurer of the Max Cadet Dental Fund. The French team included Frantz Cadet, President of the France-Europe Relais, Dr. Francis Mouyen, dentist, inventor of the Radiovisiography (RVG) and Dr. Etienne Philippe, dentist, general practitioner.

The campaign held at the State University of Dentistry in Port-au-Prince and the French Institute covered 2 major topics: the utility of the RVG instrument and the importance of a mobile dental clinic in Haiti. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the “France-Europe Relais” raised money and donated a mobile dental clinic to the Fondation Max Cadet.

Support for the Fondation Max Cadet (FMC)

To efficiently deliver oral health care in multiple specialties to approximately 150 patients daily, the Fondation Max Cadet has developed a solid operation and follows fiduciary policies. However, because of the economic and political instability in Haiti, external financial, administrative, and educational support have become basic requirements. Since the inception of FMC in 1992, the children of Dr. Max Cadet, DDS living in their adopted countries, France and the USA have managed to generate support for the Fondation Max Cadet. The “France-Europe” Relais in Toulouse, France and the Max & Therese Cadet Dental Fund, Inc in New York have both worked diligently to promote the work of the Fondation Max Cadet as a model for delivery of dental care done with efficiency, quality, and respect for the underserved and underprivileged people of Haiti.

The two foreign pillars have raised money, collected new and refurbished equipment and dental supplies on behalf of FMC. Individuals, private and governmental organizations have sponsored the school prevention intervention program. As a result, thousands of school children in both urban and rural areas of Haiti have received dental care and prevention. The clinic staff has educated them on the necessity of caring for their teeth as part of their overall health.

In addition, the 2 pillars of the Fondation Max Cadet have successfully organized dental missions to Haiti. Dentists from NYU Dental School, Tufts Dental School, Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Tennessee, ReNew Dental Care in Bermuda, Christian Dental Society, University of Toulouse (France), dental hygienist and equipment repair personnel from Fidelity Dental Handpiece have taught and shared experiences and knowledge with the staff at FMC.