Max & Thérèse Cadet Dental Fund, Inc.

MTCDF supports Fondation Max Cadet (FMC) a dental clinic for children & adults in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Our Mission

Fondation Max Cadet (FMC) is committed to improving the state of prevention, oral hygiene, and dental care in Haiti.

Good Teeth – Good Health.

Dr Max Cadet and Therese Cadet

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Quick Info

  • Established: 1992
  • Employees: 38
  • Patients (year): 8,000
  • New Patients (year): 5500
  • Dentist per 100K ppl: 0.14
Map of Haiti

The Clinic: Fondation Max Cadet

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Following the passing of Dr. Max Cadet, on June 28, 1992, the Cadet Family established the Fondation Max Cadet (FMC) to carry-out Max Cadet’s vision and honor his lifelong work achievements. FMC will be tasked to establish and operate a dental clinic in Port-au-Prince.

Under the leadership of his long-time spouse Thérèse Cadet and in partnership with Community St.Marie, the dental clinic was built. Thérèse Cadet would run the project for eight years before her daughter, Genevieve Cadet would join her and become the administrator of FMC.

Fondation Max Cadet 30 Year Anniversary

May we see more Haitians have easier access to dental care and children smile to their fullest!

Haitians Deserve to Smile

Clinic Services

1. Free dental care for school children
2. Affordable and free dental care for adults
3. Prevention and oral hygiene campaigns

Orthodontics Haiti


Root Canal Treatment

Oral Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal Corrective Jaw Surgeries

Preventative Care

Routine oral exams
Fluoride Treatments



Restorative Dentistry


Periodontal Surgery

Pocket Depth Reduction
Soft-Tissue Graft

Periodontal Treatment

Oral Antibiotics
Antibiotic gels
Antimicrobial mouthwashes

Dental Laboratory

Artificial Teeth

Our Values


For over a quarter century, we have maintained our leadership in the field of dentistry in Haiti. Our clinic serves as an incubator for new ideas in dental care delivery.


We believe that each individual—child or adult—is responsible for their prevention and oral hygiene.

We believe in our responsibility to maintain well-equipped facilities to deliver modern dental care to our patients.


Our staff’s professionalism and modern tools ensure the safe delivery of high-quality patient-centered care.


We simplify access to our clinic. FMC is located on a main road in the capital of Haiti that is easily accessible by public transportation. The daily presence of our qualified dentists and dental hygienists provide relief to a great number of patients suffering from a wide variety of dental ailments and diseases.

Our Partners & Sponsors

For three decades, Fondation Max Cadet (FMC) has served as an incubator for modern dentistry. National and international students as well as researchers from Tufts University, NYU Dental School, Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry, Clinic of St. Exupery of Toulouse and Faculté d’Odontologie of Haiti have collaborated with FMC to provide the best of care to our patient population. Our groundbreaking achievements are exemplified through rigorous training programs for dental assistants and hygienists and including successful campaigns for preventive care and oral hygiene.